Timber, nature’s gift to building.

Strong yet flexible, subtle or distinctive – timber is an ageless medium that harmonises with contemporary or traditional living styles. New Zealand has long led the world in solid timber construction and the team at Touchwood® has been at the forefront of this industry.

Using their combined building experience of over 80 years, they have developed a unique and revolutionary solid wood building system that combines the best of both worlds.

Conventional floor and roof with a solid wood interior/exterior wall system.

The end result is innovative modular wall panels that offer design flexibility and speedy assembly – all of course minimising materials and labour costs.

 Up FAST, built to LAST.

We precision-machine and join the selected pine boards into complete wall panels at our factory. We then wrap the panels and deliver them to your building site, where Touchwood-trained builders assemble the wall structure in a matter of hours.

Touchwood® solid wood construction is a competitively priced, design-flexible system that creates a strong and durable finished wall surface with a modern, stylish appearance – perfect for the homes of today and tomorrow.

Touchwood®. The revolutionary Touchwood solid wood building system
is patented (patent # 525082).