Touchwood® gives you all the design flexibility you need to create something special for an urban, rural or coastal location.

Work with your architect, designer or with our Touchwood® design and build team and craft a home that suits your lifestyle.

Choices and flexibility

On the outside:
Choose your finishes – lightweight cladding, there timber, brick or even stone.

On the inside:
The unique round-edged board joints deliver a softer more aesthetically pleasing look and feel.  Click to view the range of timber finishes.

 You can choose to expose the rich, warm natural grain with a clear finish or lighten and brighten the interior walls with a touch of “natural blonde” or combine with conventional internal cladding for feature walls.

Touchwood®. Let it rain …

Let it snow, let the sun beat down and high winds blow.

Nothing nature dishes up will penetrate, weaken or distort your solid new Touchwood® home.

Turn-key Touchwood – project management

We will help you finalise your plan, and manage everything from consents, permits, materials purchasing, sub-contracting and construction right through to the finishing touches.


Touchwood® makes commercial sense

Timber – strong and durable and even after years of bumps, scrapes and little hands – it still looks as good as when you first viewed it.

The Touchwood system is perfect in commercial applications where low maintenance, quality control and speed of construction is a prerequisite.

Already in use in classrooms, offices, motels, and community buildings, Touchwood® is the perfect solution to most commercial building requirements.

Touchwood International

Touchwood is the ideal product for export where components can be quickly and efficiently packed for departure without delay.

For international enquiries and licensing opportunites contact