The Touchwood® building system consists of prefabricated Solid Wood Wall panels, with an integrated bracing method, and incorporates with convention floor & roof structures, along with the usual selection of claddings available in New Zealand.


For more information on the Touchwood system please view the Touchwood® Technical Information Manual V2-2020.


Touchwood® is proud to introduce a new wall brace panel that has exceeded the companies expectations while meeting all the requirements of the NZ Building Code. In fact the new 600mm panel (TWB6) is the strongest brace around of it’s size having an astonishing bracing value of 145 BU/m for wind and 165 BU/m for earthquake. With the new wall system we can minimise costs furthur and reduce overall construction times. Click here for time lapse video of walls under construction.


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ADNZ, Architectural Designers New Zealand Incorporated, is a professional body of Architectural Designers and Architects that have had their skills rigorously assessed.

ADNZ members are specialists in building design and construction, undertaking residential and commercial projects at all stages of the construction process. To be eligible for membership ADNZ members must hold recognised professional qualifications or relevant experience, undertake compulsory professional development and have professional indemnity insurance.

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NZ Wood is a major promotional and development programme to promote New Zealand forests and wood resources to improve our economy, society and our whole way of life. It was launched in 2008.

The forestry and wood industry is New Zealand’s third largest industry, contributing an enormous amount to our economy and making up over 12% of New Zealand’s export earnings. Public interest in climate change and the environment has never been higher which makes it a great time to highlight to all New Zealanders the benefits of growing forests and using wood.

The NZGBC was established in July 2005 and in 2006 became a member of the World Green Building Council (WGBC). The WGBC is an international not-for-profit organisation that aims to move the global property industry and built environment towards sustainability, with Green Building Councils being established in various countries around the world.

NZGBC is also a member of the Construction Industry Council.

WPMA-Logo2Wood Processors and Manufacturers Association of New Zealand (WPMA)

Advocacy, Lobbying and Government Representation

It’s not feasible for every company to maintain a strong and regular relationship with Ministers, Government departments, and other officials. What’s more, Government responds keenly to statements of united industry position, as compared to the position of an individual company. Members see this as our main way of achieving the WPMA purpose. We need to set the agenda and the environment around us using evidence-based advocacy.

Prefab is a way to create innovative high-quality buildings on time and within budget. 

Prefab is short for prefabrication. It refers to any part of a building that is made away from the final building site, which is why it can also be referred to as offsite construction or manufacture (OSM).